Our History

Hillcrest Baptist Church came into being because of a desire in the hearts of a few local believers to have a Baptist testimony in Algona true to historic Baptist principles.   Although it was organized on October 30, 1949, its history begins with the founding of The Regular Baptist Church of Algona on August 6, 1870.

The Regular Baptist Church, in 1929, reincorporated and placed itself under the practices and beliefs of the Northern Baptist Convention.  In 1948, because of growing apostasy in the Northern Baptist Convention, the majority of the church membership voted to leave the convention and become an independent Baptist church.  Legal action followed and a court decision overturned the vote of the church membership.  The result was that several members left the church to form a new Baptist Church, once again called the Regular Baptist Church of Algona. (Here is a news article regarding the organization of the church.)

In 1950, a church building located on the corner of Elm and Wooster was purchased from Trinity Lutheran church, which had recently built a new church building.  The current facility, on Hwy 18 E, was completed in 1972.  In 2002, the name was changed to Hillcrest Baptist church. (Here is a news article regarding our 40th anniversary in 1989.)

Ormond J Lafever (1950-1951)
Don Worden (1951-1952)
John Kain (1953-1957)
Eldon Weaver (1958-1961)
Ralph Colas (1961-1964)
Arthur Hicks (1964-1966)
Charles Hawkins (1966-1974)
Kelsey Pietsch (1975-1980)
Stanley Manus (1980-2001)
Dave Heisterkamp (2001-2005)
David Hicks (2006-2009)
Brian Johnson (2011-2017)


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